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Red Garden Fan Community

Tenth Twilight: An AU multifandom RP where murder, mystery, and magic await. Welcome to Rokkenjima.

Red Garden Fan Community

Tenth Twilight: An AU multifandom RP where murder, mystery, and magic await. Welcome to Rokkenjima.

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Tenth Twilight.

Rokkenjima, October 4-5th, 1986. The site of a gruesome murder, the bodies of thirteen found dead. The rest of the island's inhabitants, the Ushiromiya family and the guests who had come to stay at the hotel owned by that prestigious family, simply vanished.

Police found a portrait with an epitaph beneath it. The scene could only be described as eerie. The police read the epitaph, counted it all up... it couldn't be! It was thirteen. Thirteen people mentioned. Thirteen people dead. The rest vanished. Why? WHY?! To revive a witch? What was this?

What happened on the island of Rokkenjima? Who had carried out such crimes? It couldn't be... no... a real witch?!

tenthtwilight is a multifandom AU rp based on the Umineko no Naku Koro Ni series of games. A seemingly innocent vacation and family conference goes horribly awry as a series of murders is committed in the the stinging rain of a typhoon. That is when a strange letter arrives, declaring that the witch, Beatrice, has come to collect her payments for services due, in blood. Is this really due to a witch?

Characters will come up against the witch and be forced to choose: believe in magic and the witch and thus absolve their fellow humans of all guilt, or deny the witch and condemn themselves to an endless cycle of death and despair. Whichever they choose, their battle has just begun. How long will this game of chess last, and who will be the ultimate victor? What's the truth, you ask? Who is the real culprit, a witch or a human? That is up for you and your character to decide. How about it? Don't you want to join such a fun and interesting game? Kihihihi!

This game offers another twist on the original series. In tenthtwilight ALL characters will have a chance to take on the witch in purgatory. Think of it as an endless game of chess will multiple game boards and multiple opponents! Oh yes. It's not just the witch you're fighting, riiiiiight? Why don't you fight amongst yourselves for a while and tear each other limb from limb while searching for your own distorted truth!

So why don't you just accept it? It's all the work of the witch. Rest in peace until you reach the Golden Land.

Welcome to Rokkenjima.

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